Suspension Test January

This is a test of the trike sitting on its suspension to see ride height and basic suspension performance. The ride height is perfect in my opinion, but this test is ultimately a failure. I initially thought that if I mounted the shocks at an extreme angle, 40 degrees if my memory serves me right, then I can get a vehicle that sits lower and a firmer suspension because there would be less force exerted on the shock. While this is all true there is a downside that I had overlooked. The shock also has less force for pushing up on the control arms. In turn the vehicle can fall, stand on it and the suspension will compress, but the shock doesn’t have enough force to push the vehicle back up. The front suspension will have to be redone to address this issue. For now, I’m going to look at addressing other issues while I come up with ideas for a new front suspension that will require minimum effort to implement.